Searching for information

If you have a problem with ZIETrans, you want it resolved quickly. Begin by searching the available knowledge bases to determine whether the resolution to your problem is already documented.

  1. Search the HCL Infocenter.
  2. Search the Internet.

Search the HCL Infocenter

HCL provides extensive documentation on HCL Infocenter at

The HCL Infocenter contains documentation from the ZIETrans release notes and all of the books in ZIETrans library. ZIETrans frequently asked questions, API reference (Javadoc), and tutorials are included as well as links to Web sites for ZIETrans supported hardware and software requirements, support site, service updates, technotes, education, and more. You can use the HCL Infocenter to query concepts and reference information as well as detailed instructions for completing tasks.

Search the Internet

In addition to the link to HCL Infocenter, other links that might help you resolve your problem are as follows: