Capturing text

The most common use of the Extract action is to capture text that is being displayed in the host terminal.

Here is an overview of the steps to follow. Each step is described in more detail in the following subsections.
  1. Set the Continuous Extract option, if necessary
  2. Specify an area on the host terminal that you want to capture.
  3. Specify an extraction name.
  4. Specify TEXT_PLANE as the data plane.
  5. Specify a variable in which you want the text to be stored.
Note: If you extract a value and assign it to a global variable set by an extract, and you plan to use the global variable value for a prompt, you should set the promptall attribute to false. When the promptall attribute is set to true, the extract action is not run before the prompts values are retrieved. Because of this, the global variable used by the prompt does not contain a value. Macros recorded in HCL ZIETrans default to promptall=true. For further information regarding the promptall attribute, see The promptall attributes.