Action when the Recognition limit is reached

The default action when the recognition limit is reached is that the macro terminates and an Error page is displayed in the browser. The following error message is written to the server console:
Recolimit reached, but goto screen not provided, macro terminating.
If you want the macro runtime, as a recognition limit action, to go to another macro screen, you can set thegoto attribute in the General screen properties panel. Use the Goto Screen Name input field and specify the name of the target macro screen as the value of the attribute (see <recolimit> element).

If you use the goto attribute, the macro runtime does not terminate the macro but instead starts processing the macro screen specified in the attribute.

You can use the target macro screen for any purpose. Some possible uses are:
  • For debugging
  • To display an informative message to the user before terminating the macro
  • To continue processing the macro