Using target macros with prompts

If a target macro requires a prompt value, prompt for the required value in the first macro of the chain. For example, if you chain from calling MacroA to target MacroB and MacroB needs an account number from the user, add the prompt action for the account number to MacroA. Assign the response to a macro variable using the assigntovar attribute of the <prompt> action. In the <playmacro> action in calling MacroA, specify that variables are transferred to the target macro by setting transferVars="Transfer". In the target macro, use the macro variable in the place where you would have used the prompt action. For example, use an <input> action with the macro variable as the input value instead of a prompt action. If there are several macros in the chain, all prompts must occur in the first macro. For example, if you chain from MacroA to MacroB to MacroC and MacroC requires a prompt value, prompt for the MacroC value in MacroA and pass it along the chain.

Any time that you use macro variables with prompts in macros, you must specify a value of promptall=true in the <HAScript> tag of the macro. This is the default value for the attribute. Ensure that your calling macro, which contains all of the prompts for the chain, is using a value of true for promptall.