Template and transformation files (.jsp)

These JavaServer Pages (JSP) files contain HTML and JSP tagging to define how your project appears in the end user's browser.

The template .jsp files are stored in the project_name/Web Content/Templates directory. The transformation .jsp files are stored in the project_name/Web Content/Transformations directory. You can view and edit the source of the .jsp files by double-clicking on the name of the template or transformation in the ZIETrans Project View to open the JSP editor. The source for the file can be viewed by clicking on the Source tab.

You can modify the template and transformation files using either the Design or the Source tabs in the JSP editor. When you make a change on one tab, the affected information on the other tab is automatically updated.

A template .jsp file contains HTML tagging to define links and images for the project page. The template .jsp file also contains a <ZIETrans:Transform> tag that defines the transformation to be used with the template to present the page of your project.

A transformation .jsp file contains HTML tags to describe the layout of the information presented to the user of the project in a Web browser. The transformation .jsp file may also contain <ZIETrans:Component> tags that define ZIETrans components and widgets used to present the page of your project. For more information on the <ZIETrans:Component> tag, see ZIETrans component tag and attributes.