Creating custom components and widgets

ZIETrans provides a set of host components that recognize elements of the host screen and widgets that render the recognized elements. The components and widgets have settings that you can modify if the default settings do not recognize components or render widgets as you want them. If the components, widgets, and the settings that are provided by ZIETrans do not meet your needs, you can create your own custom components or widgets or modify existing host components or widgets. You might want to create your own host component in order to recognize elements of your host screen that the ZIETrans components do not recognize. You might want to create your own widget in order to change the way elements are presented on the Web page. The following sections describe how to create custom host components and widgets. For further information, see ZIETrans Toolkit files.

  1. ZIETrans automatically updates your class loader policy when you add custom components or widgets to your ZIETrans application. This updates the default WAR class loader policy of your ZIETrans application to Single class loader for application.
  2. If you are using a bidirectional code page, you can control the direction of widgets and other presentation aspects. See Using the ZIETrans bidirectional API.