Using display terminal for testing and debugging

When debugging applications on a test system, you can control whether a terminal window that displays host screens is created on the server display. You can use host screens displayed in the terminal window to observe interactions between the ZIETrans applications and the host application at runtime. You can also interact with the host application using the host screen in the terminal window. Terminal screens are created only for connections established while this option is turned on. They are not created for existing connections or for connections that are idle. However, the Host Connections panel in ZIETrans administrative console includes a Toggle Display Status button that turns display terminal on and off for selected connections.

Turning on the display terminal option can seriously affect performance or overload the server. Do not use this on servers with many connections. Display terminal is intended for use in debugging during application development on a test system; it is not intended for use on a heavily loaded production server.

You can turn display terminal on for any new host connections by selecting the Enable Display Terminal box on the Trace Settings panel under the Troubleshooting heading in the left navigation frame; however, you can use Toggle Display Terminal on the Host Connections panel to turn display terminal on and off for a particular connection at any time, regardless of whether you have selected the Enable Display Terminal box on the Trace Settings panel.

  1. For the display terminal to work properly when WebSphere® Application Server is started as a service on the Windows platform, you must select Allow service to interact with desktop in the service settings for WebSphere Application Server.
  2. For the display terminal to work properly with WebSphere Portal V7 on the Windows platform, the portal server must be started as a normal Windows process and not as a Windows service.
  3. For information about configuring the display terminal functions on other platforms, see the section, IBM® i, z Systems, and Unix platform-specific information, in the ZIETrans Infocenter at