On the Basic tab are the basic settings for the connection including those initially set up with the Create a Connection wizard. The following settings can be modified.
Host name
The name of the host to which your connection connects. This is either the name or IP address of the Telnet server.
Host On-Demand version 8 included Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) support. WebSphere® Application Server version 6 also provides IPv6 support. ZIETrans allows you to configure an IPv6 address to take advantage of this functionality on the platforms where it is supported.
Note: ZIETrans can only support IPv6 on Linux, Solaris and AIX®. There are limitations in the Windows ZIETrans Toolkit environment with IPv6 addresses. Therefore, you will not be able to use the host terminal feature or test on a local test server if you use this type of address.
The type of host session for the connection, such as 3270, 3270E, 5250, 5250W, VT hosts (VT52, VT100, VT420_7 and VT420_8).
  1. ZIETrans supports only 3270, 3270E, 5250, and 5250W connection types for the transformation, or default, connection.
  2. A background connection can be of any type.
  3. VT220 and VT320 are subsets of VT420. To support VT220 or VT320 hosts in ZIETrans, specify either VT420_7 (if your VT host sends 7 bit commands) or VT420_8 (if your VT host sends 8 bit commands).
The port number through which the connection connects. Typically, port 23 is used for Telnet servers. If a different port number is used, you must specify it here.
Code page
The code page used for the connection. Select the code page for your backend host.
Screen size
The screen size of the host connection. The screen size defines the number of rows and columns in the host screen.
Note: The valid values for screen size change depending on the code page and type of host session you select.
Use host simulation instead of the live connection
Select this box to specify that any connect action for this connection, such as Open host terminal, Run, or Run on server, will use host simulation trace playback instead of a live connection. If you select this box, then also select which trace file to use from the drop-down list. See Using host simulation for more information.
Note: This option is selectable only if a host simulation trace exists in the project.