Working with user-defined characters

DBCS languages consist of ideographic characters instead of phonetic alphabets. Thousands of ideographic characters are used in these languages, and currently defined code pages or fonts do not always meet the requirements for these characters. User-defined characters (UDCs) are used to support the necessary characters that are not defined in code pages or fonts. Using the UDC mapping editor, you can assign a local code point from the User-Defined Area (UDA) to a specified host code point that is reserved for this character.

The ZIETrans UDC functions support 3270, 3270E, and 5250 connection types. You use ZIETrans UDC mapping support to display UDCs for 3270, 3270E, and 5250 connections, and you use ZIETrans font-image support to print UDCs in either PDF or PDT mode for 3270E connections.