Host keypad

The host keypad includes buttons that represent host keys, such as F1, F2, and Clear, which are used to control functions on the host screen.

By default, ZIETrans does not display the host keypad. To display the keypad, go to the ZIETrans Projects view, double click the Project Settings of your ZIETrans project, select the Rendering tab, and click on Host Keypad. You then have the option of selecting the check box to display the keypad as well as selecting which keys to display.
  1. Custom keypads and individual keys are defined using individual tags or composites, as a result they are displayed in the transformation's editor.
  2. Text on the host screen that describes function keys are transformed into buttons or links using the default transformation. They are displayed in the transformed host screen area, separately from the host keypad.

Refer to Modifying a ZIETrans project for more information about the settings for keyboard support and keypads.