Insert Default Rendering

With the Insert Default Rendering wizard you can select the screen you want to use from the Screen drop-down list and the rendering set from the Select a rendering set drop-down list. When inserting a default rendering, the area defined will render the items in the order of the rendering sets. For more information, see Default rendering.

The fields at the bottom of the wizard show the starting and ending row and column numbers of the rectangle. You can also enter the row and column numbers by typing the numbers in the fields. You can highlight certain fields on your host screen by selecting the different options beside Highlight fields. If you want to see where the input fields are defined on the screen, select the Input check box. If you want to see what fields are protected, select the Protected check box. If you want to highlight any hidden fields, select the Hidden check box. To modify the colors of the input, protected or hidden fields highlighting, see Using ZIETrans preferences. When you have selected the starting and ending row and column numbers of the screen, click Finish and the section will be inserted in your screen on the Design tab.