Insert data action

Use the mouse or the Start row and Start column settings to set the region on the host screen where you want data inserted. You can highlight certain fields on the host screen by selecting the different options beside Highlight fields. If you want to see where the input fields are defined on the screen, select the Input check box. If you want to see what fields are protected, select the Protected check box. If you want to highlight any hidden fields, select the Hidden check box. To modify the colors of the input, protected or hidden fields highlighting, see Using ZIETrans preferences.

Click Next then select whether the data is a string or a global variable by clicking the appropriate radio button. To insert a string, type the text in the entry field provided. To insert a global variable, select the name of an existing global variable from the drop-down list or type in the name of the global variable. If you want to use a shared global variable from a different application, you will need to type the name in the field.

If the value of the global variable is indexed (contains a list of strings), click Advanced. You must click one of the radio buttons to specify whether all of the strings are inserted at the specified position one after the other or if the strings are inserted as separate lines into a rectangular region of the screen.

Selecting the Shared check box will allow the global variable to be shared.

For more information about global variables, see Interacting with global variables.

Note: Inserting information onto a host screen must occur before any transformation occurs for the global variable to appear in the GUI. See Actions for information about modifying the order of the actions.