The Source tab displays the HTML and JSP tags in the transformation_name.jsp file necessary for extracting host components from the host screen, the widgets you selected to present those host components, and any other items you added to the transformation. As you make changes on other tabs in the Rich Page Editor, the tags and attributes displayed in the tags of the source file change to match.

You can also make changes directly to the tags and attributes in the source file, or you can insert items using the ZIETrans Tools in the context menu by right click on source. The items you can insert on the Source tab are the same items listed on the Design tab. Place your cursor in the source file at the point you want to insert one of the menu items and then select an option from the ZIETrans Tools drop-down menu.

When a host component and its rendering widget have been inserted, you can use the Edit Host Component option in the ZIETrans Tools to modify the host component and widget. Before you click Edit Host Component, make sure your cursor is inside the <ZIETrans:Component> tag.

When you make changes to the file displayed on the Source tab, they are reflected on the other tabs of the Rich Page Editor.