Managing connections

A connection is a set of parameters, stored in an .hco file, used by ZIETrans to connect to host applications. There are two types of connections in ZIETrans, default (also referred to as transformation) and background. Each ZIETrans application has one default connection for the host application whose screens ZIETrans will transform. Background connections are any connections in a ZIETrans application other than the default connection, and they can be used by Integration Objects or a Perform macro transaction screen-event action. ZIETrans does not transform screens from background connections. It is possible, however, to dynamically choose which connection will be treated as the default connection. For more information, see Selecting the type of connection to use when overriding parameters.

Background connections can be different connection instances to the same host as the default connection, or they can be connections to entirely different backend hosts. Background connections allow you to interact with other hosts. You can gather data, enter data, or exchange data between hosts using prerecorded macros. This data can be combined with the default connection as well. In this way, you can automate transactions on other hosts as well as transform the default connection for your users. Background connections can be pooled.

VT hosts are limited to background connections. If you use the VT connection as one of the background connections, it can be used for recording macros and running Integration Objects. For more information, see Perform macro transaction.