Enabling print support

As you develop a ZIETrans project, you can establish a print session for the associated host application. When the ZIETrans application is running in a production environment, a user of the application can print data or display data that is formatted for printing. Print support settings only apply to the default ZIETrans connection.

When interacting directly with a host application, a user activates a physical printer to print data from the application. When interacting with a ZIETrans application, the user does not activate a physical printer. Rather, a print file is generated, which can be displayed by the user . The print file can also be printed.
Note: If the print file is an Adobe PDF file and a PDF viewer (Adobe Acrobat Reader) is not installed, the user will be prompted to save the file to disk.

This chapter describes the process for enabling print support in your ZIETrans project and for using print support in the ZIETrans Toolkit environment and in the runtime environment for deployed applications.