Contention resolution using other Communications Servers

Recent releases of IBM® Communications Server for AIX®, Linux, Linux on zSeries, and Windows also properly support contention resolution. If it is not possible to upgrade to z/OS® Communications Server 1.2 (with patches), or later, these alternative platform versions of Communications Server can provide ZIETrans with the faster response benefits of contention resolution. IBM Communications Server might also prove useful for host systems running versions of VM, VSE, or TPF that do not support contention resolution.

In these instances, ZIETrans connects through TN3270E, optionally with SSL or TLS, to IBM Communications Server running on AIX, Linux, Linux on zSeries, or Windows. IBM Communications Server connects to the host system using an SNA connection, either a traditional SNA connection or Enterprise Extender (SNA traffic flowing over an Internet protocol network). System administrators can manage TN3270E LUs on IBM Communications Server rather than on the host system.