Editing templates for Web projects

You can see all of the templates, those supplied by ZIETrans and any that you have created, by expanding the Templates folder under Web Content in the ZIETrans Projects view. To edit a template using the Rich Page Editor that is built into Rational® SDP, double-click on the name of the template. To see other available editors, right-click on the name of the template and select Open With. See Rational SDP documentation for the Rich Page Editor by selecting Help > Help Contents from the menu bar, and search for Rich Page Editor.

The following restrictions apply to editing templates:
  • Custom templates must be UTF-8 encoded.
  • Do not use a form that encloses the ZIETrans:Transform tag. ZIETrans generates a form in the place where the ZIETrans:Transform tag is. HTML does not allow nested forms.

The following sections describe each tab of the Rich Page Editor.