Input field

The Input field component is for recognizing input fields (non-protected fields). This component, besides recognizing input fields, can also extract the field's accompanying caption. To find the field's caption, this component looks for protected text directly preceding the input field (on the same row) first. If the algorithm cannot find a caption, it will look directly above the field for protected text.

A recognized input field can be rendered by the following widgets:
The following figure shows how an input field component might appear on your host screen:
Figure 1. Input field component example
Example of input field component
  1. Field caption (extracted from component)
The following settings can be configured for this component:
Extract field caption
If selected, a caption for the recognized input field is extracted (see the description above for more information about this algorithm). This extracted caption can be used by the widget.
Restrict caption to selected region
If selected, the caption is limited to the text within the selected part of the screen.
Strip end of caption
If selected, the end of the caption is stripped after (and including) the first occurrence of any value specified in the Strip after setting. This setting is useful for cleaning up extracted captions.
Strip after
Required. The string (or set of strings) that is used to strip the extracted caption. For example, if the extracted caption is Command ==> and the value for this setting is =, everything after (and including) the first = is stripped off.
Replace with
Optional. The string to replace the stripped off portion (if applicable) of the caption with.
Trim spaces on caption
If selected, white space (for example spaces and tabs) is removed from both ends of the extracted (and stripped) caption.
Clip input field to selected region
If selected, only the part of the input field inside of the selected region is recognized and rendered. If cleared, if any part of an input field is inside the selected region, the entire input field is recognized and rendered. This setting is useful if you need to break a large host screen input field into multiple, smaller Web page input fields.